Democratization, Innovation, Transformation  

Let’s reflect, together, on the future of opera as a genre. What possibilities does virtual and augmented reality offer, both artistically and in terms of dissemination? How can we democratize opera and update it for the 21st century? What happens when opera, cinema and video games meet?

Who is this day for?

  • Anyone interested in XR (virtual and augmented reality), whether they know opera or not
  • Anyone interested in opera, whether or not they know about XR
  • Artists, performers, creators, researchers, general public, students

Several Prizes to Win!

Student prizes, general public prizes:

  • Two pairs of tickets to Julien Bilodeau and Michel Marc Bouchard’s creation “La beauté du monde” and an invitation to “L’heure avant le show”.
  • A training course at the SAT.
  • Three pairs of tickets to Phi Center events and more.


9h00-10h30 Opera and XR: An Overview of Current Projects 

11h00-12h30 Roundtable: “Democratizing opera and new business models” 

14h00-16h00 Interactive workshops

16h30-18h00 Roundtable: “The Impact of XR on Stories We Tell and How We Tell Them”

18h00-19h15 Cocktail